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Services & Solutions


Installations - ABB Enterprises, Inc. is proud to be a premier installer of hard-wired cable and broadband from tap-to-customer in the United States. We specialize in: Voice, Video, Data, CCTV and Home Theatre installations. Anywhere there is a need for structural wiring – we are ready.

Construction - ABB has provided MDU pre & post wire work, new build & rebuild work, system grounding and franchise requirement projects, power supply installation, and drop change-outs to name a few.

Anti-Theft - Anti-theft measures are an integral part of today’s system maintenance. ABB Enterprises can provide security box installation, relocation and repair. Other services we can provide are installation of electronic line finders, tone and tag drops, and installation of addressable taps.

System Audits - The cornerstone of ABB Enterprises’s services since our inception 20 years ago. Our audit team will use savvy; incentive driven audit specialists who will identify unauthorized addresses when converting them to paying subscribers, becoming a source of revenue previously unobtainable. ABB Enterprises will perform non-subscriber audits, visual audits, as well as technical audits, which can include identification, terminating, retagging, correcting trap status and installation of anti-theft devices.

Retention Programs or Field Collections - Subscriber “Save” campaigns are proving to be one of our most successful projects. Through professionally scheduled appointments and face to face contacts, our save specialists will help you manage your slow pay accounts. Other tactics including efforts to save voluntary disconnects are currently being implemented. Net gain subscriber numbers have been positively affected by these projects.

Direct Sales/Marketing - ABB Enterprises can offer experienced sales representatives for new subscriber acquisition, digital upgrade and High Speed Data where low subscriber percentages or demographics dictate. Reps are experienced in the sales of bundled services, video, data and telephony. ABB Enterprises has an accomplished bilingual (Spanish-speaking) team for the above campaigns where beneficial.



System Tap Auditing, Customer Non-pay and Retention, Equipment Recovery, GO- 95 Compliance and Special Projects.

System Audits

. Identify unauthorized viewers
. Convert unauthorized users into paying customers
. Correct data base errors
. Terminate open ports
. Tone and tag lines to system specification


Non-pay Collections

. Final attempt in collecting balances and equipment
. Disconnect subscriber to the specifications, policies and   procedures of the client


Converter Recovery

. Recover converters after disconnect
. Initiate multiple attempts (day, nights & weekends) to
  contact customer for equipment   recovery



. Broadband Installation
. Special Projects
. Upgrades

  • Non-pay Field Collections

. Effectively recover outstanding balances
. Save the customer prior to disconnect
. Recover any outstanding equipment


Analog to Digital Conversions

. Installation of DTA’s & DCT’s
. MDTA’s & Mini Head In’s


Door-to-Door Sales

• Video, Internet, Voice
• Product bundling & customer loyalty
• Enhanced client image with professional representation


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