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Over the years ABB has enjoyed working with many MSOs. The list includes:

AT&T Broadband/TCI

Time Warner
Cox Cable Vision
Charter Communications
Intermedia Partners

Alameda Power and Telephone
Sure West
Adelphia Cable

Our clients tell our story best. If you would like a complete list of references please contact us.

Production Overview

Lately, production has been at a fever pitch for ABB Enterprises, Inc.. All phases of our business were in full swing as we branched out to perform more functions for our clients. Our activities and production for this period included:

Completed over 10,000,000 audits
Identified over 1,000,000 unauthorized addresses
Identified over 300,000 system (plant) problems, SRO’s
Performed over 700,000 audit disconnections

Construction, Anti-Theft and Other Technical Functions:
Identified and mapped 200,000 apartment addresses
Installed 2,000 telephony Network Interface Units (NIUs)
Installed and/or replaced 700 power supplies
Performed 20,000-drop change-outs
Upgraded 175,000 MDU units
Installed 12,000 telephony Network Interface Units (NIU’s)
Performed GO-95 corrections projects
Performed GO-95 compliance Projects

Installation and Fulfillment:
Completed over 175,000 video installations
Completed 120,000 disconnections
Completed 35,000 telephony installations

Sales & Marketing:
Closed 30,000 video sales, many of which were digital
Saved over 5,000 customers with retention programs
Closed 13,000 high-speed Internet sales, mostly @ Home


Other Services:
Accomplished database cleanup.
Installed power supplies
Provided consultation

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